What is Beasts, Unburdened? It’s what we want to study, and how we want to do it.

This blog was started based on four ideas:

  1. We all love veterinary medicine.
  2. At some times, for all of us, we will face challenges because of veterinary medicine.
  3. We can each take action to help each other.
  4. For various reasons, we are not taking enough action to help each other.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to encourage fellow veterinary students to take care of themselves and others, encourage each other to break down barriers to open and honest communication, and to build a strong community of mutual support and caring. We will bear each others’ burdens and place high values on individuals, the reality of their concerns, and the sanctity of anonymity.

If you think this blog would potentially be useful for you or a friend, feel free to subscribe by email (up to one email per week) and share it with your friends and classmates in veterinary school.

Get in contact with us here!

5 thoughts on “about

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  3. Love to connect and help in any way I can. I help vets address conflicts in their lives. Less litigation more listening and enabling problem solving when small.
    I wrote a general book Nipped in the Bud-Not in the Butt. It’s on Amazon as a bestseller in its category. I’m currently writing a sequel specifically for vets. I’m speaking at AVMA and ACVC. Love to connect and see how I might better serve veterinarians, vet students and their staff, colleagues and pet owners. Debra Hamilton

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    • Thanks for reaching out. Is there anything you’ve learned through your work that you think would be good to share with vet students? Would you like to write a post?

      I agree that being small is a good thing. Personal connection in and of itself is an important part, I think, of combating mental illness. I also think it’s like trying to fight poverty- you need some people on the front lines feeding people, but you also need powerful people doing big actions to address the things that cause and perpetuate poverty.

      Thanks again for posting those resources and reaching out!


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